Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How much are your down payments?

Answer: Down payments start at $199 and go up from there. The down payment is based on underwriting, the vehicle, and your proven ability to pay. We ask for large down payments because that helps keep the payment lower. Lower payments help the loan perform better and you be more successful. Our average down payment over the last couple years is $1,076.


Question: I have SSI income, can I get approved?

Answer: There is a 46% chance we can get you approved. Our minimum proven income needs to be $1,500 per month as a qualification to be approved. If you are married and there is more income on the application, you will pass this qualification and move on to the next one! Of course, we need to be on a cheaper vehicle and show the ability to make the payments. We will do a financial analysis with you to make sure it works for us both. We will not set you up to fail just to sell a car!!


Question: I have had a repo in the past, can I still get approved?

Answer: We finance people every day that have had repossessions. We will need to ask additional questions to make sure a car payment works for you. Most likely we would need to start with lower payment, then you join the SAG family. Once you have proven yourself to be a good risk, we can investigate getting you a nicer and newer vehicle. The better our history is together, the better your cars become.


Question: Do you offer a layaway plan on cars or down payments!

Answer: Of Course!! We do it all the time. If you like a vehicle in stock and want it to be yours, put your money down!! We will give you a non-refundable receipt that shows when the next payment must be made. If you do not return to make the scheduled payments, you forfeit your layaway money. We will then return the vehicle into stock as an available to be sold.


Question: How do you price your vehicles?

Answer: All vehicle prices are adjusted (up or down) from time-to-time based on the current market conditions. We have software we enter the vin number and miles. Then we check for all the vehicles with similar trim within 250 miles. We make sure we are within the range of those units. We also take into consideration the condition of our vehicle. If it is an extremely nice vehicle we are at the top of the range. If the vehicle shows lots of wear, we try to be at the bottom of the range.


Question: Can I make an offer on one of the vehicles?

Answer: Of Course!! It is your MONEY!! If the offer is close to our asking price, we will consider the offer. We will need to see if we can get the offer approved. If the offer is not close to our asking price, we will ask to see where you came up with your offer. We will investigate the pricing once again to see if we are wrong. We might need proof from you that our pricing is wrong. It is our goal to move units every day. We want to sell if it makes sense!!


Question: Do you sell cars for CASH?

Answer: Yes, ALL vehicles are available for a cash sale. We accept cash, certified funds, or wire transfer to pay for the vehicles in-full. The title will be prepared and ready for pickup in approximately 2-weeks.


Question: Do you sell older and cheaper cars too?

Answer: Yes, from time-to-time each location will have vehicles that have exceeded our lenders requirements. They might be mechanic specials and need some work to be more dependable or they might be just fine. Most likely they have higher miles or are just too old to re-finance. As always, feel free to bring a mechanic to check any vehicle out prior to purchasing it. Cash vehicles are sold “AS IS”.

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